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plastic parts exhibition

plastic parts exhibition

Apr 15,2023
plastic parts
injection molding

Qingdao xinglin Forest after careful preparation, with exquisite injection technology water

Quasi, high - performance injection molding equipment to become the same industry again

A major highlight. The craftsmanship and service have attracted many Chinese and foreign merchants to visit and consult.

Many buyers brought technical difficulties encountered at the processing site

After the technical guidance and process optimization of high-quality engineers of Star Forest, many

Many customers are greatly satisfied with the site to achieve purchase intention.

This is a sense of the industry banquet, but also a harvest trip

Injection molding process

The process by which molten raw materials are made into semi-finished parts of a certain shape

Injection molding process refers to the process of making semi-finished products of certain shape by pressing, injecting, cooling and disconnecting the molten raw materials.

The injection molding process of plastic parts mainly includes six stages: closing - - filling - (gas - auxiliary, water - auxiliary) pressure - cooling - opening - demoulding.

plastic parts