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xinglin injection parts

xinglin injection parts

Apr 10,2023
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1. Get to know our company through the Internet or friends' introduction. After getting to know our company through the Internet or word of mouth, I will make field visits to the company to investigate its processing and production strength, staffing, technical system, core strength, etc.

2. Then, through the user to provide samples or drawings, the company's technology to check the price, detailed communication on the structure of the product, where the need to change, the two parties to coordinate with each other for rectification. Finally determine a good time limit, material and price.

3. Pay the deposit and start production.

4. Mold production is completed and mold trial is carried out.

5. Print out the sample and send it to the customer. If the customer thinks it is OK, we will officially produce it. After the modification is complete, let the customer test until they are satisfied.

6. The balance shall be paid upon completion of the specified production quantity.

7. Completion of cooperation and after-sales service.